Prepare you sport medical examination

Remember to always book your sports medical examination according to the date on your medical certificate. Warning: you can anticipate a maximum of 30 days the expiry date of your sports visit.

To book your sports examination, enter directly in our agenda ON LINE and choose Centro di medicina dello sport and the most convenient time.

You can also make a telephone reservation at our offices during opening hours.

Competitive sports examination documents

To proceed to the medical examination for your certificate of good health  for competitive sports, you must have:

    . Request for competitive examination from the sports club, original copy, stamped and signed: you will   find the necessary forms in Modulistica

  • Codice fiscale
  • ID - Documento di Identità
  • Health card - Tessera Sanitaria
  • Competitive certificate, original copy, of the previous year, if existing
  • Anamnestic records, signed and filled in by the minor's parents


Non Competitive Sport certificate (stato di buona salute)

To be entitled to non competitive sport practice, you need:

  • ID - Documento di Identità
  • Codice fiscale

Choose the Delta Medica Sports Medicine Center nearest and book online your visit.