Purpose of MLC protocols is to help each individual achieve their personal goal, whether it be aesthetic, wellness or performance optimization.

Medical Life Coaching protocols tend to each patient certain HEALTH through specific analysis of blood values

The "advanced" protocol works well for particularly sporty individuals


Detailed medical history, tracking of individual parameters including assessment of body composition by skinfold thickness, and outlining of personal goals

Following the visit each person will get:

  • Prescription of a suitable diet and its integration according to the principles of orthomolecular medicine
  • General guidelines to proper physical activity.
  • Cardiological tests: before, during and after maximal effort
  • Rating performance and fuel consumption by metabolimeter - VO2MAX
  • Outlining of training optimal parameters to achieve controlled personal goals
  • Accurate exercise prescription divided into sessions of aerobic activity and strengthening


MLC advanced Protocol

General public rate: € 220,00

Delta Card: € 198,00


General public rate: € 58,00

Delta Card: € 52,20

Hematic Protocol  (blood test) MLC score

General public rate: € 236,50

Delta Card: € 149,00